From the farm to Frankfort, Ryan Quarles knows what it means to roll up your sleeves and get the job done. Together, he believes we can grow real solutions that will catapult our state into the prosperity its people deserve. For far too long the Commonwealth has been bogged down by partisan political fights that produce no winners. That time has come and gone, and we need a new generation of leadership to carry the state forward. Ryan has a strong record of getting things done and working across party lines.  At the same time, he won’t back down when it’s time to stand up for what’s right for our district.

Kentucky deserves a fresh approach towards creating jobs, protecting those we already have and making health care more affordable without a government takeover. As your state representative, Ryan played a critical role in bringing thousands of new jobs to our district over the past four years.  As a Scott County farm kid, he will stand up for the people of our district and offer common sense solutions to the problems that continue to plague Kentucky.

As a lifelong Kentuckian, Ryan is proud of our Commonwealth but knows we can do better. We cannot afford to stand still in an ever-changing world, and we need leaders who recognize that. Ryan does not think we should look to Washington or Frankfort for all the answers.  Rather, he believes many solutions come directly from our citizens, not government bureaucrats. Many politicians are content with out-of-control deficit spending and a government without limits.  Ryan is not, which is why he voted against record high debt on more than one occasion. In these challenging economic times, Ryan believes Kentucky needs leaders who are not satisfied with the status quo. We deserve meaningful, transformational change- just what our founding fathers would expect.

Ryan’s family farm upbringing not only taught him traditional values, but it also keeps him grounded on what is important—our families and our communities. Ryan believes in doing things right, regardless of party affiliation, and that’s what he will do as your state representative. In fact, Ryan is one of only a handful of new legislators to get bills passed and signed into law by the Governor. This success stems from Ryan’s strong belief that effective leadership should put people above politics.

Together, we can work to better Owen, Scott and Fayette Counties, and we can strive for a better Kentucky. Ryan Quarles looks forward to hearing from you and working together so we can do just that.

Meet Ryan

Get to Know Ryan Quarles

Kentucky State Representative Ryan Quarles

Get to Know Ryan

Ryan Quarles grew up on his family’s farm in Scott County, a family that has lived in central Kentucky for over 200 years. The farm upbringing quickly taught Ryan the lessons of hard work and self-reliance. While attending Scott County High School, Ryan began growing his own crops as a means to pay for college. When Ryan graduated as both valedictorian and president of his class, he enrolled at the University of Kentucky as a proud Wildcat. Today, Ryan is your State Representative in the Kentucky House of Representatives, District 62. Ryan has served in the Kentucky General Assembly since 2010, representing Scott, Owen and Fayette Counties.

An Effective Leader in Frankfort

Ryan is one of only a handful of legislators to pass legislation during his first two terms in the Kentucky House of Representatives. He demonstrates true bipartisanship and approaches policy-making with common-sense ingenuity. During the 2014 legislative session, Ryan reached across party lines to pass the “Voter Ballot Access Bill” which passed with unanimous support and clarified confusing voter instructions in Kentucky’s election process. Ryan also gained statewide support when he passed the “Kentucky Youth Referee Bill” which fixed an omission in Kentucky’s law related to youth referees. Ryan secured millions in road improvements for the district and landed a new Advanced Manufacturing Center to be built in Georgetown. Ryan continues to fight for his constituents to secure a bright future for all Kentuckians. Ryan is the Vice-Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee. He also sits on the Agriculture Committee, the Tobacco Master Settlement Oversight Committee and the Banking and Insurance Committee.

An Experienced Public Servant

Ryan felt from an early age that his time was best spent in the service of his community. While attending the University of Kentucky, Ryan represented nearly a quarter of a million students as the Commonwealth’s chief student advocate on the Council of Postsecondary Education. Ryan voted to decrease tuition for students, and supported policies that made college education more accessible for all Kentuckians. Ryan’s early public service career illustrates his commitment to the Commonwealth and desire to bring new ideas to Kentucky. Ryan served on the Committee on Equal Opportunities that addressed minority and diversity issues. In 2004, he worked on the successful 2004 tobacco buyout bill in Washington, D.C. Ryan also worked for the Foreign Agriculture Service in 2006, promoting American farm products during multi-lateral trade negotiations during the Doha round.

A Hard-Working Leader

Ryan completed three undergraduate majors and two graduate degrees in just four years at the University of Kentucky. He graduated in 2006 with majors in Political Science, Agricultural Economics and Public Service and Leadership, a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics and a Masters Degree in Diplomacy & International Commerce. Before starting law school at the University of Kentucky in 2006, Ryan was recognized for his public service endeavors by being named the only Kentuckian awarded the Truman Fellowship in 2005, Congress’ most prestigious public service scholarship. Additionally, Ryan received the Ronald Reagan Future Leader Fellowship while remaining active in the local community. In 2008, Harvard University awarded Ryan a full scholarship on the Zuckerman Fellowship. This scholarship enabled Ryan to continue his studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, the Kennedy School of Government and Harvard Law School. In 2009 he graduated from Harvard with a Masters Degree in Higher Education before moving back to Kentucky to finish his last year of law school.

Where Ryan is Now

Ryan continues to help on the family farm in Scott County. He teaches a class on State & Local Government at Georgetown College and practices law. Ryan Quarles is the son of Roger and Bonnie Quarles. He enjoys fishing, traveling, shooting, dry stone masonry, and the great outdoors.

On the Issues

Conservative Solutions for Kentucky

If the American people can agree on one thing, it is that our country is suffering through hard economic times. Ryan Quarles is dedicated to improving the economy and recently helped bring thousands of new jobs to his district. Ryan stands with Toyota workers. Ryan has a record of voting against policies that impede economic growth. Ryan has and will continue to fight job-killing policies and crippling governmental regulations.
Kentucky is on a spending spree that cannot be sustained at the expense of taxpayers. Ryan has voted against wasteful government spending and record high debt.  Instead, he focuses on projects that help Kentucky families.  Ryan secured essential infrastructure funding for the district’s growing needs.  Ryan Quarles is a true advocate for fiscal responsibility and a balanced budget.
Ryan knows that healthcare decisions should be left up to patients and doctors, not to government bureaucrats in Frankfort and Washington. Obamacare has significantly increased healthcare costs in Kentucky.  Ryan fights against this government-run healthcare system and the growing red tape that harms our Kentucky families.
Families are the lifeblood of a well-functioning society. Ryan is pro-life and supports policies affirming the sanctity of life for the unborn child. Ryan opposes using public revenue to fund abortion and speaks up for those without a voice.
Ryan knows Kentucky families are already paying too much. This is why he voted against a $550 million gas tax increase during his term in office.  Ryan will always stand up for hard-working Kentuckians and work to cut excessive taxes.
Our Kentucky children deserve effective teachers and better chances at a bright future.  He supports policies that put kids first.  Recently, Ryan secured $24 million for an Advanced Manufacturing Center to be built in Scott County – a center that prepares students for high-demand jobs. Ryan voted for SEEK formula increases and teacher pay increases. Ryan is also a passionate advocate against the crippling effects of student loan debt and will continue to improve the education of our children.

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