Promote Urban Agriculture & Locally-Grown Food

From the farm gate to our dinner plate, Kentucky agriculture is part of our daily life. As Commissioner, Ryan will promote urban agriculture, supporting the local food movement and markets that are in every Kentucky city, but start on a Kentucky farm.

Expand Agriculture Education

Ryan will continue and enhance the “Ag in the Classroom” program, as well as launch new initiatives, to ensure Kentucky’s children know and understand their food may come from a grocery store or restaurant, but has a story that begins with a farmer — one that might be just a few miles down the road.

Work for Kentucky Jobs & Opportunities for Agriculture

Kentucky is a national leader in agriculture. Ryan will lead a Department of Agriculture that will help farmers find existing and new markets for their crops, be responsive to changing demands and attract  processors to develop value-added products and create real, good-paying agribusiness jobs.

Continue Open & Honest Government in the Agriculture Department

The Department of Agriculture has become one of the most transparent  and efficient departments in Frankfort. They are doing more with less and all expenses are available on-line. Ryan is committed to continuing to make the Department an example for other branches of state government to follow.

Fight Government Overreach

We’ve seen what the EPA has done to the coal industry. Now, they have their eyes set on family farms. Ryan will push back against government overreach and keep federal bureaucrats off of our Kentucky farms.