Kentucky deserves a Governor who knows what a hard day's work looks like. Whether it was getting mud on my boots at the farm or teaching our next generations, I believe I will be that Governor. I'd be honored to have your support to bring conservative values like fiscal responsibility and government accountability back to the Governor's office in Frankfort.”

— Ryan Quarles

  • Endorsed by Kentucky Right to Life

from the campaign

Ryan Quarles’ Bold Idea To Address Mental Health

“It’s time to take what we have learned by our ‘Raising Hope’ campaign and develop a national model about how to treat and help those suffering from mental stresses, illness, and unfortunately, those with thoughts of violence both to themselves and others.”

Ryan Quarles’ Bold Plan for Education

“I hope that we create an education experience where all Kentuckians have an opportunity to become anything they want in life and that starts with creating a world class education system that competes not just at the national level, but internationally as well.”

Ryan Quarles’ Bold Plan For Bringing Back Customer Service To Kentucky Government

“I want to bring a ‘customer service’ environment to all of state government just like we have done at the Department of Agriculture. Together, we can get government out of the way and unleash the American spirit.”

Ryan Quarles’ Bold, Adventurous Plan For Eastern Kentucky

“I’m committed to making Eastern Kentucky an international destination for outdoor adventurers. We don’t need to be like Gatlinburg to bring in tourists, we only need to highlight the gifts that God bestowed on our beautiful region.”

Quarles’ Bold Plan for Foster Care and Adoption

“With more than 8,000 kids currently in foster care, we need to do more to help these kids find their way to their forever families. I’ve got a Kentucky Commonsense Plan to do this

Quarles’ Bold Tax Plan

“Kentucky is one of only six states that still has an inheritance tax. Coal severance tax receipts are declining because of the Obama-Biden war on coal. And income tax rates undermine Kentucky’s competitiveness. I’ve got a Kentucky Commonsense Plan to fix all of this.”