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[Fox News] Vulnerable Dem governor skewered by challengers for rejecting records request on COVID closures

FIRST ON FOX: Republicans on Wednesday ripped Kentucky's Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear after the state's attorney general determined that Beshear improperly rejected a request for records concerning school closures during the COVID pandemic, and said that decision shows why Beshear should be voted out of office this year...

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles, who holds a doctorate in higher education and is also running for governor, blamed Beshear's school lockdowns across the state for the negative impacts he said had affected their learning.

"As a former educator myself, I know that our children suffered due to excessive COVID lockdowns that we now know caused lower test scores around the Commonwealth. To be clear, the lockdowns have caused irreparable harm to students which will be felt for decades to come," he told Fox.

"As governor, I’ll focus on keeping our schools open and correcting the generational loss because of Andy Beshear’s exaggerated lockdown," he added.